Dominic Lusinchi was the principal at Far West Research, a consultancy, founded in 1995, that provided assistance in statistical data analysis, study design, and research methods, mostly for social scientific reseach projects. He is now retired.

He was an instructor at the University of California, Berkeley Extension (Department of Business, Technology and Engineering), where he taught statistical software (SPSS) and introductory statistics.

He is a sociologist who does pro bono work (teaching and consulting) for non-commercial organizations.

He continues to do independent research. His scholarly interests and publications are focused primarily on the sociology of the production of social scientific knowledge, and, more specifically, the role that statistics plays in it. When time permits, he write the occasional blog here.

For a full CV, click here.

He is a member of the following professional organizations:

American Sociological Association
American Statistical Association
American Association for Public Opinion Research

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